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My First Story Day (well, not yet, but keep reading)

Okay, amberdulen has had a great idea for the writers on my flist: pick a day on which we will all post our very first finished story for the education and amusement of all. (Mine is from when I was 9; I was terribly excited to finish it, and I'm sure it's overblown, sentimental, and not very tidy grammatically. Also very religious, and with a sort of dreaming time-travel, because I was into fantasy/scifi even back then.)

What do you all think? Would you participate? I can compile a masterlist of links here, if that would help people find each other's posts on the day of.

Assuming they ever come into being anywhere (and if you know of one, I'll bless you forever if you link me to it!).

Fics I would really love to read:

--(Numb3rs) A case story set sometime during the second or third seasons. Colby’s pov; the case touches or threatens to touch on his undercover work. How he deals with that, responds, keeps his secret. Extra points if it involves a case from canon, but that would really hard to do realistically, I think.

--(Numb3rs) "he Janus List" and surrounding time period from Colby’s POV, incorporating the revelations in "Trust Metric." Or ditto for "The Mole."

--(Numb3rs) Long, canon-realistic, detailed story in which Megan becomes pregnant with Larry’s child. I’d pay actual money to get them to do this kind of storyline on the show, and a great fanfic would be just as good (if not better), and a lot more plausible to make happen.

--(Supernatural/The Sentinel) Case-driven, true to character, detailed, cohesive, timeline-accurate, and persuasive Supernatural/The Sentinel crossover. WITHOUT SLASH OR WINCEST PLEASE. ('Cause there is one out there, but it has both slash and wincest, so . . . .)

--(Supernatural) Realistic Christmas fic using or somehow involving “The Peace Carol.” Points if it’s not actually a songfic, but still uses the lyrics/song in a prominent way; double points if the fic takes place during TV canon (no flashbacks).

--(Stargate SG-1) Jonas, leading the resistance against the Ori on his homeworld of Langara.

--(Stargate SG-1) One unfortunate Goa’uld took a tribe of Hebrews (or part of one) to be his colony of slaves. Not thinking to look into their religion was his first mistake; and thinking that these monotheistic warriors could all be cowed and bent to his will was his second. SG-1 encounters this colony centuries (millennia) later, and there are still two factions: those who worship the Goa’uld and serve him, and those who are faithful to Yahweh, and would fight to the death against any false god. (I just really, really want a cool case story that tackles the notion that the Goa’uld being false gods lends some credence to the idea of there being a true God.)

--(Burn Notice/The Invisible Man) I hadn’t met a show with the same wry, tongue-in-cheek action humor of I-Man, until I watched Burn Notice. Like Bobby Hobbes, Michael Weston was a faithful servant of U.S. Intelligence; but like Darien Fawkes, he’s been mistreated by that system or someone within it. There’s a gold mine of humor, drama, angst, and even some jealousy (Fiona may consider Michael “hers,” but it’s not like there couldn’t be some other interest there). Dang. (I wish helenahandbasket would write this, actually.)
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