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End of year (first lines) post

I'm not bored; I'm procrastinating. *g*

1. Okay, I'm new to this whole picture-posting thing. If it doesn't come out quite right, I may delete it and try again.

2. *flops into chair*

Okay. I just went through a week's worth of emails and flist. Wow. At least the only huge thing I seem to have missed is the announcement of the July 21st release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

3. Okay, I sat down and filed my tax returns last night.

4. Snagged from scorptilicus:

Super Team Meme!

5. So, the 2nd Annual Numb3rs Awards have posted the winners....
...and once again, cliche and mediocrity rules in the world of fanfiction.

6. Disclaimer: This isn't going to be a post about taking sides on an issue.

I just got fed up with the non-arguments/non-discussion that takes place between people who believe in creation/intelligent design vs. those who believe that science and God can never meet. So I was trying to come up with a way in which a center could be reached between them, a center of understanding not so fully overshadowed by assumptions that it can't even move forward.

7. Two writing questions--one about a TV spec, one about using existing pop culture in fiction
I'd love all your thoughts on these ideas, either opinions, or actual information you might have (or where I might find such).

8. Happy Birthday, mistraltoes!
Many happy returns of the day!


10. TVonDVD just alerted me to an awesome and totally unaffordable package deal for the dedicated sci-fi lover.

11. I'm someone who places a high value on excellence. Not necessarily perfection, but I tend towards the dogma that if something is worth doing, it's worth doing well. Or at least, it's worth trying to do well--I've also come to realize that sometimes trying is all I can do, and that too is worthwhile.

12. This has nothing at all to do with various wanky things in my various fandoms (see SPN & DW). Not much to do with fandom dynamics at all, nor with keeping RL and fandom lives separate.
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