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Dreams and Points of View

This isn't my Christmas Eve/Christmas post; I'll do that later tonight (or maybe tomorrow, depending on free time before I run away to hang out with kalquessa and family).

Weird, that's what this post is. Only a writer would probably make such a post. You've been warned. :-)

Let me start this off with an example:

Friday night I had an interesting sort of half-dream image imprint itself on my brain, right before I woke up properly. I'm sure part of it was due to watching some episodes of Supernaturalthe night before, as most of the dreams that night were action/adventure with specifically Supernatural overtones.

This scene flowed right out of those other dreams. Sam was unconscious, lying on his back on the ground. An older man (I'm pretty sure it was his father, John) was holding him, head and upper body supported across his lap as he knelt. A word or name was written across Sam's forehead in blood--it wasn't in English, because I couldn't read it.

There was a bowl of water (holy water) next to them, and the older man dipped his right hand into it and started using his wet thumb to wipe the bloody name off Sam's forehead.

I was waking up by then, and my brain threw a quote at me from a book I read long ago (The Singer, by Calvin Miller):

"And if they should brand a name across your face..."

"...it cannot stay, if Heaven disagrees."

Now, the dream itself fascinates me, but while I was pondering it, something else crossed my mind, which I've never heard people discuss. Not really.

I've heard people talk about whether they "are" the person in their dream, or whether they're some kind of outside observer, or whether they become characters who are not themselves. I've done all three, although being present in the dream or being an invisible observer are the most common for me.

But I'd never really considered the import of additional details about the dream PoV. In this one, I could draw you pictures: I viewed the whole scene from behind or behind-and-slightly above John and Sam. Never facing John, nor from Sam's head or feet. In fact, I don't think I saw John's face at all, only his body and build and his hands, and the top of his head. The bowl of water was to John's right, and he used his right hand to wash the bloody name away.

And the knowledge part of the PoV, what I knew in the dream, was limited. Not to unconscious Sam, but definitely not knowing what John knew--I only guessed that he was using holy water because it seemed so effective. And I guessed that the name in blood was somehow harming or imprisoning Sam, but I wasn't sure how or why.

Directionally, I'd say it felt like 3rd person limited, John; but in terms of knowledge, we've got no subjective stuff going on at all. It was...odd. Or perhaps just odd to consider, broken down like that.

Anyone else ever thought about dreams in terms of PoV before? (not sure I should be asking you, tammy; if any other profession has gone here, surely it's those studying psychology.)
Tags: dreams, real life, supernatural

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