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My Christmas (and a link to an interesting journal I found)

Overall, I had a good Christmas, despite the fact that I stayed in L.A. and didn't get to visit my hometown or see my family over the holiday, and that most of my "chosen family" friends were out of town this year.

The day started, predictably, when my cell phone rang at 7am. My siblings, ringing me up early in the tradition that I began back when I was quite young (kids in our house not being allowed up before 6:30 am on Christmas Day, I made sure we got things ready before the parents were up, and the tradition continues). Which was lovely, and made me feel close to them.

The morning was spent with my roommate E., one of her female friends, and our backyard neighbor J. (who is really quite a cool guy; unfortunately for E. or myself, he is both gay and taken *g*) Christmas breakfast was sausage and gravy on biscuits (not the sweet kind, my non-American friends), plus fancy coffee, and it was delicious.

During this time, I got a text message from my brother W., whom I had bought a "random" present, since he refused to give me a list of things he wanted: a Fifth Doctor adventure on DVD. He's not a fan (yet), but the text read: "I approve. *g*"

And there were presents opened, and then the guests left for a while (to return for dinner later), and E. and I opened the rest of our presents that were under the tree, mostly from family.

Then I called my family and talked to everybody, including my paternal grandmother; about an hour and a half worth of conversation. It was lovely to speak to them (one of my sisters was so excited she could barely talk straight; and everybody seemed to love the presents I'd sent, which made me happy), but it also made me a bit homesick.

Then I hopped in the car and drove down into Orange County to visit kalquessa and her hubby mathphilebill, and their families. Apart from a bit of nerves due to being around many people whom I did not know, I had much fun, especially since kalquessa's in-laws are all geeks, and will discuss SG-1, Doctor Who, Numb3rs, etc, at the drop of a hat. :-) In fact, since I had brought the loan of Numb3rs season 3 to them, we watched the first 2 episodes together, which was delightful and full of random commentary (and sadness over Don's really-too-short hair that season).

I drove home to the rockin' music of a mix CD put together for me by feliciakw, of songs used on Supernatural. I really think "Carry On My Wayward Son" (Kansas) is my new favorite song, and "Fight the Good Fight" (Triumph) is right behind it.

Then I was so tired from my Christmas that I slept through my alarm and was 40 minutes late to work. *facepalm*

Aw, people were very good to me this year.

From my roommate amandajpowderly: a bathrobe and slippers, concessions to the fact that my bedroom is upstairs but the bathroom I'm assigned in our household is downstairs. :-)

From E.: notecards, a pencil, and very pretty dangly earrings of a pale gray stone.

From my parents: a wall mirror for my bedroom, so I can still get dressed and do my makeup if both bathrooms are full. Also, a lovely framed version of a particular prayer by St. Thomas Aquinas.

From my brother W.: The City of God and The Confessions, both by St. Augustine of Hippo. I've been meaning to read these for years, and now I own them, and may do so at my leisure.

From my brother T.: A beautiful hardcover collector's edition of The Hobbit.

From my brother P.: CSI season 2 on DVD! *dances* I'd never be able to excuse this purchase myself, so having it gifted to me was very exciting. This season holds several of my all-time favorite episodes ("Altar Boys" being among them).

From my two sisters old enough to give gifts (I didn't really expect anything from the 4-year-old, you know): two pairs of earrings, one gold and brown, the other gold and greenish-blue glass. Both of which I will be wearing soon (in fact, I wore the brown ones yesterday).

From feliciakw I got a lovely, lovely brown sweater (made in Bali? is that right?), which is going to look amazing on me. Thank you so, so much! And, of course, the Dean's Tunes cd mix, as well.

From tammy: a pretty snowflake LJ gift. You can see it on my profile!

From kalquessa a CD of choral music. I didn't bring the CD into work with me, so I'll have to edit this post to give the name of the composer and the singing group; but I'm going to love listening to it, I know already.

maevebran sent me an angelic card. Thank you, dear!

If I've forgotten any, please comment below so I can edit; I'm having craziness at work today, which is muddling my brains a little.

ETA: Sheesh. I left off one of the best gifts I received! The World of the Dark Crystal, by Brian Froud. My friend Dan gave me this, full of the artwork and concept designs for the film, and it's amazing! :-)

In other news, check out the LJ of billminus30. Especially if you're interested in the idea of time travel (heh). He's doing an interview meme right now, and I bet my flist could come up with some interesting questions to ask him. :-)
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