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Hmm, didn't think I'd like this show

So I watched my first full episode of the medical drama House last night.

I've seen bits and pieces before, and while the title character (aka Dr. Brilliant, Abrasive, and Cynical) intrigues me, as does the quality of the writing, I was annoyed by the sheer levels of cynicism he projects.

So I guess it was the fact that he was proven wrong and partially wrong in last night's episode--about human nature, anyway--that made me willing to like this show. I particularly was grabbed by the scene where House shows the Senator the positive result of the AIDS test, and the Senator maintains that he *couldn't* have AIDS, and lectures House about giving people the benefit of the doubt, even if it means sometimes being dissapointed. House listens, then orders another round of blood tests... and we discover that among those tests, he's testing for AIDS again, and discovers that the Senator was telling the truth. He *doesn't* have AIDS.

And in the subplot, too, House discovers that the patient wasn't lying. She wasn't consciously sleeping around, just sleepwalking down to her ex's apartment every night. *eyeroll*

May not watch this show every week, but I see why people do.
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