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Some fic recs for you all (SPN, DW/Alias)

Quite a variation in genre/type and rating, here.

Doctor Who and the Rambaldi Enigma, by Rheanna

A brilliant action-adventure Alias/Doctor Who crossover story, written by Rheanna for yahtzee63 as a gift. Sydney meets the 3rd Doctor and adventures ensue!

Sydney stopped and held up a hand. "Okay, in the first place, I am not your dear. And, secondly, I have no idea what you're talking about, because the only thing I am here to do is my job. I leave things like changing history to other people."

"I assumed changing history was your job. Why else would you have come to the fifteenth century?"

Sydney stared at him. "What?"

A Season For Crows, by girl_wonder

This links to the first part (of three). "A Season For Crows" is a Supernatural AU, noir-style. Absolutely, stunningly brilliant; Dean Winchester is already 3/4 noir hero, and a lot of the SPN canon details map astonishingly well into that genre. Two warnings: the story is gen/het, and rated NC17 for a reason; and it's as dark as the darkest noir film you can imagine. Bring a hanky. Or several. But I do highly recommend.

Dean Winchester would later find out that his brother's body was discovered in an alley in the tenderloin district, crumpled against a brick wall.

Shadows and Surety, by V. Laike

My dear friend feliciakw is venturing into a new fandom with this Supernatural one-shot. It's an epilogue to the first-season episode "Scarecrow."

The cool, crisp air left a pleasant tingle on his cheeks. Though the sky was overcast, the sun filtered through the clouds, giving the day a silver-gray brightness. Leaves crunched beneath his feet as he walked through the apple orchard. Sam Winchester knew he should be enjoying the stroll, but he was late for . . . something . . .
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