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I need a "tired" icon

Worst thing about being sick: the week or so afterwards when just doing normal stuff exhausts one.

Seriously. I wanted to get some more writing done this week, and while I've done a bit (mistraltoes, I may need a Numb3rs beta in a week or two here), I could have done a lot more. At least I have an excuse of sorts, I suppose. *g*

[Also: how lame am I? Took me half an hour to screw up my courage to call the main Paramount switchboard looking for a particular contact's number. The actual call was utterly painless, resulted in another number to call, and took like 90 seconds if that. I gotta learn not to mind making calls. There's no point. Honestly, self, WTF?]
Tags: my fics, real life, update, work, writing

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