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*blink, blink*

Um, well...huh.

I have no idea whether I believe that or not, but heck.

1) As I posted last week, the pastor who oversees the Caring Ministries at my church (two of which I am involved in; one of which I am leading right now) was let go along with other staff for financial reasons. Which lands with far more responsibility than I was planning on this soon, and also puts me in the position of teaching the pastor who will be taking over her duties about my ministry. *gulp*

2) One of my favorite supervisors at work just announced to us all that he is leaving the company. I know part of it is to do with the fact that his wife is expecting their first child (yay!), but I think he's also been here about 2 years longer than he wanted to be here, and finally just up and found another job. Kinda sad. Also stressful; having him out of here in a week is going to mean people picking up the slack until a replacement is found. Eeeeep. Even if not a lot of that falls onto my plate. This department does not need more stressors right now.

So what's the third gonna be?

Cause I gotta say, I'm not looking forward to it, whatever it is.

Also: Heath Ledger dies. Dude. How sad!
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