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Dream meme

One of the most interesting (and most difficult to articulate) experiences we human being share are dreams—the stories our brains tell us while we’re asleep. JD, reveilles, and I had a long discussion on this topic a couple of posts below, and it has made me curious.

So tell me something about your dreams, and the way you dream them!

1. Are you a lucid dreamer?

2. Do your dreams more often feature people from your life, or fictional characters/dream-created characters?

3. Do you have recurring dreams? Or dreams that follow each other in sequence over more than one night, like a mini-series?

4. Physical dream artifact: when you retain the sensation (usually tactile) of some object from your dream after waking, even briefly. Ex: in the dream you are given a key, and when you wake you still feel it in your hand for a few seconds. Does this happen to you?

5. Have you ever had an actual precognitive dream?

And if you're curious about the dreams of your LJfriends, pass this meme along and find out.
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