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A thought about apologetics

I found this worth pondering.

Apologetics tends to be regarded as the art and practice of defending the faith, articulating its tenets and systems both for the believer and for the world at large; but apologetics is really not a genre, but rather a kind of motive or impulse or process or goal. Apologetics might usually be an argument or an exposition, but, just as likely, it could be a song or a poem, a symphony or a story; sometimes it might even be a nod or a wink, a shrug or a sigh, if the right person is sighing or shrugging. To put it in the terms Lewis uses in "Meditation in a Toolshed," an essay first collected in the American anthology God in the Dock: apologetics involves both looking at, and looking along, not just seeing what's there, but seeing what's beyond it, even glimpsing what makes seeing possible--and how to get there.

--Bruce L. Edwards, in his essay "In, Not Of, the Shadowlands: reencountering C.S. Lewis' The Problem of Pain"
collected in the Mythopoeic Press anthology Past Watchful Dragons
Tags: c.s. lewis, contemplative, godstuff, quotey, real life

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