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"Dance your cares away/ Worry's for anOTHER day...."

Okay. So I was skimming through NetFlix looking for whatever random interesting things might have come out on DVD lately.

And I saw this: Fraggle Rock: Where It All Began.

Knowing that both of my roommates watched Fraggle Rock as kids, and having a small, hidden soft spot for a few episodes I saw myself, I put it on my queue. It came Wednesday and we all watched it last night.

How can a Muppet kid's show be so very uplifting? Cheering Charm, anyone?

I had been slightly blue that day, and after we watched three episodes, and the 45 minute Music of Fraggle Rock featurette, I was quite happy. It's not a typical kid's show--the dialogue and concepts are understandable to youngsters, but very little of the dialogue is squarely on-the-nose.

The humor is both blatant and very subtle...they don't beat you over the head with the jokes, or feel that anything in the show really Needs To Be Explained. Like the Fraggles, the story and music and laughter just Is.

And they have just about every musical genre known to man. And parody, which only the adults will get, but it's such good parody!

I am impressed.

And the theme song will not leave my brain. :-)

I didn't know one could get back missing pieces of one's childhood.

"Dance your cares away,
Worry's for another day!
Let the music play
Down in Fraggle Rock...!"
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