izhilzha (izhilzha) wrote,

Okay, more on the neighbor saga

Let me begin by saying:

1) There may be justice in the world; or, at least, it may in fact be harder to bribe the city than I had assumed. *smirk*

2) I think my brain is only half intact this week. Um. This is part continued story, part retraction.

So when I got home on Tuesday night, I walked across the dark street (the one streetlamp is at our driveway) to check out the red curb and to make sure my eyes hadn't been playing tricks on me or something.

None of the curb in front of neighbor's house--or anywhere nearby, except where it had been before at the storm drain and stop sign--was red. At all.

The work signs and cones were still around his property and curb, so I took a closer look.

I believe that before this, Mr. Grumpy had owned the only house which did not have the public sidewalk crossing through its front yard property; his lawn reached to the street. Not anymore. Now there's a new bit of sidewalk through his lawn.

I'm torn between being weirded out (I was absolutely swear-to-it-in-court certain I'd seen the workers actually painting the curb; also, it really made a great story) and somewhat smug. I'm not sure whether he approves of the new sidewalk or not, but regardless I'm fine with it and it doesn't interfere with our parking. And even if my brain is playing yet more tricks, and what this is, is a re-doing of that part of the sidewalk for some reason, it still doesn't bother me or my roomies at all.

So in the end, everything's fine.

As long as they don't paint the curb before ending the job. ;-)
Tags: los angeles, real life, wtf

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