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Just a quick "hey, I'm back!"

I had a lovely time at the Dead Poets' Retreat this past weekend. Probably the most relaxing 2 days I've had in months, and full of artistic goodness, of writing and journaling, of music and conversation, and the sound of running water and wind through tree branches.

Now I'm back in the thick of my life. Trying to balance all the important things that I need to get done, trying to make time in the middle of work and leadership to write, to keep in touch with friends. It's far too easy to drown oneself in self-pity; I want to be stronger than that, to find the energy and faith to not go down that road, even tired and nervous.

More later. I promise. Today's just busy; but I might have a little bit of free time tonight.
Tags: dead poets, los angeles, real life, update, writing

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