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Sometimes living in LA really does = awesome

Okay, so last week (Thursday, I think) I was pulling out of my driveway on the way to work. I noticed 3 large, unmarked white vans parked across the street and wondered what they were there for. A quick look revealed a Criminal Minds sticker discreetly placed in the rear window each.

This led me to believe that someone might be scouting a house on our street for location shooting. :-)

When signs started going up on our block on Monday, warning us not to park on the street from 7am - 11pm on Wednesday, I knew I was right.

I don't think we got the official "we will be filming in your neighborhood" notification on our doorknob till yesterday (maybe Monday and I just didn't see it till last night). Definitely Criminal Minds, episode 3.14, and from the scene description (driving, interior and exterior dialogue, etc) it sounds like it's a major crime scene for the episode. And I'd bet $$ that means major cast members and first unit crew.

When I drove to work this morning? There was a police cruiser and a van with lights/siren on it parked across the way. The cruiser said "Pittsburgh Police," and the van, "Pittsburgh Coroner."

*luvs LA*

And I don't even watch that show. If it were Numb3rs or CSI, I so would have called in sick today and sat watching the proceedings out my living room window.
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