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Crazy windy weather last night!

Mind you, it obviously doesn't compare to the storms and tornadoes that Georgia and the Carolinas have been dealing with this past weekend. (Darn it, I can't find a web page that'll give me the wind speed--I almost got up and turned on the Weather Channel at 5am to check.)


I'm usually a good sleeper. I may wake at a noise, but it never wakes me all the way up, and a storm has to be pretty bad before it'll disturb my sleep at all.

From 2 am to about 5:30am last night, wind was screaming past our house. Every few minutes it would crescendo, and wake me up from whatever doze I'd managed to fall into. Finally I got up and watched the storm for a while. I even thought about getting online and posting, and pretending that my day had started already. But the wind was lessening by then, so I went back to bed instead--and as I figured I might, slept through my alarm and was late to work. I'm not even sure how to calculate how little sleep I got last night.

Fortunately I'm not exhausted (yet).

But that was weird.
Tags: los angeles, real life, weather

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