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Happy Birthday to me! [well, two days ago]

I am now a quarter-century old. This is food for thought, as I have always intended to reach 100. I've only got 75 years left!

I wonder what kinds of things I'll manage to do, and write, and be?

Anyway, I had a remarkably good birthday. I tend to be one of those silly people who don't think that friends care all that much (at least sometimes)--and I was proven wrong in spades. As if I needed it. Well, maybe I did, considering last year's birthdayness.

I went out to dinner with my last-year's Bible study girls on Thursday, something we'd been planning for weeks. They surprised me by pretending not to know it was my b-day, and then presenting me with a card, and $25 giftcard to Borders (woo! Paladin of Souls, here I come!), and having the waitress bring cake.

They totally fooled me. *facepalm*

I knew Saturday (the actual day--I share with Shakespeare and the Feast of St. George) would be fun, because my roomies were taking me out to brunch. We got there--and the same thing happened! There were about 4 other friends at our table. There were cards, and presents (The Incredibles! A very cool shirt with a design by Amy Brown on it; and Perdido Street Station, which is apparently a very cool scifi book), and yummy food, and really good French-press coffee.

Oh, and balloons. :-)

Then kimberleym and I drove up to Santa Barbara. This was mostly an excuse to leave LA for a day, and to do a mini roadtrip (I love roadtrips). Santa Barbara is as beautiful as I've been told. Fun shops, lots of places to eat up and down State St., a fine little coffeeshop where we sat and talked about stories, and tried to list recent films about friendship (not many! Anyone want to add to the list?), and kind of enjoyed just being. Oh, and we went and sat on the beach and watched the waves, until the wind picked up and we got too cold. The driving back was fun too, even though we were tired.

And I got kimberleym to watch an episode of SG-1: "Singularity." She liked; mission accomplished. :-)

In reiteration: I had a very good 25th birthday.
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