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Some fic and vid recs!

For fics, we have Supernatural and Star Wars and Psych (AU). What a group, especially considering that I almost never read fic in the latter two fandoms.

Positive Reinforcement, by kalquessa
First of all, Dean wanted to know who named towns in Minnesota.

Aw! Less than a season into this show, and kalquessa is already writing fic! This is one of those rare beasts in SPN fandom: short, sweet humor piece with a dead-on Dean voice. Go enjoy!

Legacy (SW/SW prequels), by Marnie Goodbody
Luke and Qui-Gon meet (sort of).

What a fantastic way for these two characters to interact! Awesome characterization, including some thoughts on the Force, and on the Jedi Order before the Purge. Watching Qui-Gon and Luke verbally spar with each other, figure out each other's point of view, made me laugh...and then brought tears to my eyes.

A Whisper to the Living (Psych, AU), by Xparrot
There wasn't much shade in the cemetery, and Juliet found herself speeding up her steps a little to reach those few places where taller monuments cast narrow shadows of relief from the heat. It only took a couple minutes to get there. No monuments in this row, just simple marble headstones, plain and nondenominational. Henry Spencer's grave was only distinguishable by his name carved in standard block letters, and underneath, 'Police Officer, Father, Friend,' depressingly unremarkable.

Or usually it was, but today Juliet spotted an addition from the end of the row, or thought she did, and all but ran the rest of the way to be sure.

It was on Henry's stone after all, balanced at the apex of the headstone's curved top, no ribbon or flowers, just an ordinary pineapple.

She stared at it for several seconds, as Lassiter caught up behind her, puffing for breath. "Is that--" he panted.

"Looks like."

"Have you ever--"

"Not in the last ten years."

Um. Okay. I almost never read fic for Psych, mostly because what I enjoy about the show is just...the show. The tweaked sense of humor, the silly jokes, the way it makes me laugh and facepalm all at once. I'm not in the fandom, and when I found this through seanachais's rec page, I was only going to give it a passing glance.

It's an AU future-fic, gen and angsty. But it still has that tweaked sense of humor, darkened by the events that precede this story, but still very much present; and it still showcases the voices of these characters. It moved me. And I think it will move you, too.

I know, I know, I never rec vids. That's usually because I can't watch them, having a laptop which refuses to play sound. But I borrowed my roommate's laptop to watch the nominated vids for the Numb3rs Awards, and ran into another one on the way there. So:


Quiet (a tribute to John Winchester), by elliepdowd


Boy Lollipop by nicelyobsessed
Charlie-centric vid--all of his adorkable hotness in one amusing package. *g*

Flawed Design by strausserwyle
Don-centric, and if I were reccing a fic that portrayed Don like this, I'd call it a slightly AU version of the character. Slick and intense vidwork, though; watch it and let me know what you think.

2 Steps Behind by gorenhouseygirl
Brilliant song choice for a vid about Don and Charlie's relationship, as brothers and friends.

Brothers Under the Sun by pavlowsdog
This vidder is awesome. It's not only what you use but how you use it. Gen, Don & Charlie.

Pinky and the Brain . . . And Larry! by pavlowsdog
*dies* Short, quick-paced, HYSTERICALLY funny! All Larry fans, this way, please!
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