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Blake's 7: "Cygnus Alpha"

Wheeee! I brought in the mail when I got home this evening, and amongst the bills was a CD-sized box from mistraltoes, containing the next 4 episodes of Blake's 7 for me! Thank you thank you thank you! *dances*

Wow, so, the first story arc takes 3 episodes to more-or-less conclude, I see. I shall be intrigued to see how long it takes before Blake wants to start "fighting," and what Avon does in an attempt to derail that idea.

Speaking of Avon, I think I'm beginning to see his appeal. He really can snark quite nicely, although sometimes his comments are rather unsettling (loved Jenna's response to Avon telling her that he has to get rid of Blake first, and then she's next on his list: "I would find that reassuring if I weren't so sure you meant it"). I think I kind of like how amoral and sneaky he is; I can tell that there are fireworks waiting to happen between him and Blake, and that should be fun.

After Jenna showed up modeling her new outfit, and Avon went off to investigate, I totally expected him to show up in new clothes as well. But hey, massive wealth in the form of jewels trumps clothing anytime.

Blake is a very persistent man. When he first teleported down onto Cygnus Alpha, I had a shivery moment, imagining what it must feel like to actually walk on the surface of the planet that he had so narrowly escaped. And yet he goes back. And endures torture, and the rantings of the crazy priest-man, and saves his people. (Well...Gan and Vila, anyway.)

Vila: *watching woman walk away* "I say God has good taste in servants." Oh, Vila. *facepalm*

I've noticed in myself a warm affection for Gan. Not entirely sure why, but that slow smile and general good nature are kind of compelling. Also, he looks like he would give great hugs.

Zen is annoying, but in a good way: he annoys Avon, which amuses me endlessly.

Because I'm tired, this review isn't long, but feel free to comment, and we can discuss! :-)
Tags: blake's 7, mistraltoes, review, tv

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