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Brief reactions to my fandoms' season finales

The icon doesn't mean anything special, I just don't have an icon ANGSTY enough for the emotional wringer than every single show I regularly watch put me through! Good grief, shows.


"No Rest for the Wicked"

Dean actually died and went to hell.

And really? I didn't think there could be a more painful scene than Sam dying in Dean's arms, or (in terms of intense evil) YED-in-John taunting the boys. But Sam pinned to the wall by Lilith, unable to do anything but watch and scream and cry as the hellhounds rip his brother to bloody shreds?

....My heart, it is broken.

Great episode though: Dean making the point that they have to stop being martyrs; Sam mysteriously incapacitating Lilith; the boys singing Bon Jovi together instead of having a soppy goodbye speech; Sam: "What am I supposed to do?" (good lord, shades of ABHL) "Keep fighting. Take care of my wheels. Remember what Dad taught you. Remember what I taught you."

"The Pain in the Heart"


Adorable, brilliant, lovable Ausperger's-having geek--is Gormagon's apprentice?

The thing is, I buy it completely. The way to Zach's mind/heart is through logic, and that's how it happened, and it makes complete and total sense. He was manipulated by a master; it's because Zach is who he is that this could happen. But by all that is holy....*whimpers* Hodgins is going to have a horrible guilt complex over teaching Zach all that conspiracy crap.

(AND HIS HANDS. I shudder in sympathy and horror.)

From my lovely fluffy Booth-and-Bones crime show, this was wrenchingly unexpected.

"For Gedda"

So we've lost 2 characters in the space of a season. The show that went for 7 years without changing the main cast at all has suddenly found itself short. And while Sara left of her own free will, and there was cool character stuff involved...this is different.

For the first time, one of the graveyard shift team has died. Didn't get out just in time, wasn't found, wasn't rescued. Was shot in cold blood, by a seriously unexpected person.

They'd better deal with the fallout of this LEIK WHOA next season. Cath and Nick, in particular (although Grissom, oh, Grissom too), are going to be shattered by losing Warrick. Especially like this. Especially after they had just cleared his name. Augh. And I bet you Nick is the one who finds Warrick's body, since Nick was still in the diner nearby when it happened.

"There's No Place Like Home"

Interesting. I'm not nearly as much a fan of this show as I used to be, but apparently it can still get a rise out of me!

They killed the crazy Frenchwoman! No! Why? She was awesome!

I'm just glad Desmond survived; I had a horrible premonition that he wasn't going to make it, and am very glad to be proved wrong.

WTF is Locke doing off the island at all, in the flash-forward?

"House's Head"/"Wilson's Heart"

Aside from a feeling of vague annoyance at having been introduced to Amber/Cutthroat Bitch, hating her, then allowed to grow to like her a lot through her relationship with Wilson, then stabbed in the heart by that affection when she DIED...I liked these episodes very much. Playing off all the connections and trust between House, Wilson, and proto-House Amber worked beautifully, and very few people can sell honest anguish like Robert Sean Leonard.

But damn. How horribly, horribly tragic! (I watched it twice. Both times I ended up weeping.)

"When Worlds Collide"

Ooo. Okay. Much, much love for the premise of this episode, which messed with the FBI and Homeland Security stuff, and academic freedom, and distribution of scientific knowledge vs. security. Don on one side and Charlie on the other, ideologically.

Now. There were probably choices available to Mr. Charles Eppes other than sending that professor's work to a bunch of Pakistani universities and then turning himself into the FBI for breaking the law (which he was NOT ignorant of). Oh, Charlie. I have to see how this will resolve--you're going to be so, so sorry not to be able to work with Don anymore. *waves bye-bye to Charlie's security clearance*

But then we also get the announcement from Megan than she's leaving the Bureau; she's going back to school to get her doctorate, and wants to counsel women in prison. Which is totally, totally Megan, and fits brilliantly with her arc over the past 2 seasons. But OH I shall miss her. The dynamic of this show will be irrevocably changed.

I do also like that Larry is so supportive, and I agree: if these 2 could make a relationship work while one of them was in orbit around the earth, the 3 hour time difference between LA and Washington D.C. will hardly prove a problem. (I hope. Oh, my beloved OTP. *hugs them*)
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