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Brief character note re: Homicide: Life on the Street

So, while unemployed I have discovered the Sleuth channel on cable. Most awesome thing about this: they rerun episodes of Miami Vice and Homicide: Life on the Street every single day. Both of these are series I've been meaning to watch more of. (feliciakw, if I ever write Second Sight as an actual pilot, I really want it to feel a bit like H:LotS--gritty and real and hard to deal with. Sky's faith and Ronni's weird gift would really stand out in such a setting.)


So I'm watching some Homicide episodes, and Detective Tim Bayliss is just driving me crazy. It takes about 3 episodes, one of which is mostly about him, to make me realize that it's mostly because he looks way too much like Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson. The glasses don't help, but it's mostly the smarts, the soft-spoken attitude, the way he sort of stoops a little (because wow, the actor is freakishly tall; Bayliss towers over the entire rest of the precinct). I dunno. It's very strange.

That's it; as you were.
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