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Supernatural fic rec: weathercock snowfall (starlight cockcrow), by kroki-refur

Okay. I am reccing this fic in the strongest possible terms. If you know SPN, you should read this. If you don't like AUs, or haven't seen to the end of season 3, you should still read it.

weathercock snowfall (starlight cockcrow) by kroki_refur
Dean's got three weeks to live, and Sam's acting like a freakin asshole. And hey, it's not like that's never happened before, but this is a little too much like history repeating for Dean's liking.

I found this almost by accident, thought the title sounded cool, and figured I'd give part one a shot (it's broken into five bits for length). The tight, accurate Dean-voice drew me right in, and the mystery of what's happening with Sam now and whether it's connected to something that happened just before he left for Stanford is woven deftly from scenes in the past and in the present.

And as much as I love the author's ability to write Dean's voice/dialogue, and John's, and Bobby's, there's something special about how she writes Sam, here, and I'm kind of in awe a little.

Not to mention that I really enjoy her take on what might have happened at the end of season 3. In fact, in terms of spoilers, you only have to have seen up through, say, "The Kids Are Alright" to read this fic. kalquessa, that means you. :-) As the author notes, this fic has been Jossed right out the door by eventual canon, but oh, I love this idea, and she made me believe it could have happened like this.

I'll leave you with a quote that doesn't have much to do with the main point of the story, to whet your appetites:

“Come on, buddy, just open your eyes,” says Dad, his voice softer now, and Dean comes to two conclusions at once: (a) he’s not deaf, and (b) he’s not blind, either. Probably. He’d forgotten about the whole eyelid thing. Who the fuck came up with that idea, anyway? More importantly, who made them weigh a ton? And -- shit -- whose brilliant idea was it to make light that hurts like a son of a bitch?

There’s a blurry blob floating over him when he finally manages to winch his eyelids open enough to see it. Dean’s kinda disappointed. Considering the amount of pain he went through to see the damn thing, it could at least be a blurry curvaceous woman, or, you know, a blurry bottle of beer or whatever. But no, a blob it is, and Dean kinda squints, trying to make it more beer-like, or at least less blurry.

“Hey,” says the blob, and hey, it totally sounds just like Dad, which probably means, uh, wait, Dean can totally figure this out, it means that, oh, shit, it means Dad’s been eaten by a blurry blob. Goddamn blobs, always fucking eating everything. Dean’s totally gonna kill the son of a bitch when he can move his arms or whatever, and then, and then he’s gonna rip--

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