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I've been having very realistic, timeline-solid dreams lately. It's not unusual for me to have detailed, action-adventure sort of dreams, but this is getting a little ridiculous. Maybe it's because I don't have to get up early right now--I remember them better?

Or my life is too boring right now? :-)

Night before last, for example, I had a very long dream that involved a journey. I wish I'd written down some of the details, because it was with a group of other gals, all of whom I knew (names and everything, though only a couple of them were actually from my RL). Like a school trip, or a post-college trip, or something. And there was snow, and driving in cars, and forgetting luggage, and... Yeah. Weirdly detailed.

And last night, I dreamed I was in a office, filing stuff. The people who worked there full time knew what was going on, but nobody would tell me, and I was too shy to ask lots of questions. I just filed what they gave me wherever I thought it should go. At one point, we had three or four uniformed cops helping out in the file room, too. (I'm blaming this on too much Miami Vice and Homicide, although no one recognizable showed up. Too bad. Sonny Crockett can visit my dreams anytime he wants.) But the weirdest thing was going to the break room and finding myself in conversation with Sara Sidle. Her hair was longer than I'd ever seen it on CSI, and she was wearing glasses (adorable little frames), and she seemed incredibly happy and content. We had a discussion about how this job really suited her. And she sort of encouraged me to keep looking for a place that suited me, even though this clearly wasn't it.

Very strange dream.

In other news, my CSI spec is actually progressing! Free time really does help! *g*
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