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Ain't it great when life is crazy?

I'm not sure how I'm going to quite survive the first couple weeks of June. Heh. Assuming our application goes through as it seems it may (all signs are that the manager loves us), my roomie and I will be packing up and moving into a new apartment. That entails a HUGE amount of effort, particularly since said roomie will be departing a few days into this mess to attend her only sister's wedding.

Also, that week I have jury duty. Ack.

And to add yet more--around the same day my roomie returns from her trip (ie, there will be little unpacking done by then), my entire immediate family (parents, bro and his wife, and the other 5 sibs) are coming down here to visit me.


Yeah. And so I have the rest of May to plan all this out, and to finish writing my Multi-Fandom Lyric Wheel story, and also finish writing the long-expected episode for the Invisible Man Virtual 4th season (which is so overdue it's really not funny now).

I swear, every six months or so my life goes through *some* kind of weird shift. This one looks to be a bit weirder than most. :-P (thank goodness for SG-1 DVDs; I plan to watch the rest of season 3 between packing/unpacking boxes!)
Tags: family, ficathon, jury duty, real life

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