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Something about Miami Vice that tickles me pink

Okay. Watching Miami Vice is fun just because, but I've discovered that playing "spot the actor" is an additional plus.

It's not just not-then-stars like Bruce Willis and Helena Bonham Carter (although I squealed a bit when I saw her--so young! And she's Crockett's tragic love interest, which is complete win). It's baby versions of actors I barely know (I almost didn't recognize John Glover in last night's ep--an accent all over the place, buzzed blond hair?).

And it's people who were at the start of their careers. Night before last, Tubbs was stalked by a drug dealer, and I went through the whole episode not even cluing into the fact that the dealer's main sidekick seemed familiar. Near the end, this guy turned a certain way and I was like, "HEY. Is that Vincent D'Onofrio? No, can't be. Doesn't sound like him or anything." But when I went back to the credits: Vincent Philip D'Onofrio, right there on the screen.

I'm still amused by this. Almost every ep there's someone I know from film or TV or both.
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