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Oh man, I am so looking forward to next Thursday.

The finale of CSI's 5th season is being directed by Quentin Tarantino, who is apparently a huge fan of the show. It's going to be TWO hours long, one of the show people called it "a CSI action movie" in an interview, and I got to see the preview last night, after having avoided spoilers religiously.

I suppose that with Tarantino directing this, and an episode title of "Grave Danger" (*facepalm*), I should have expected to see this:

Nick. In what appears to be a coffin-esque box. Trapped.

Freaking buried alive!


*hugs Nick* What is it with this guy and being put in mortal peril anyway? CSI is an unususal show, since they very rarely have major characters put in danger.

I was just looking at an episode guide to try and figure out which of the team has actually been in mortal peril, and Nick seems to be sweeping the count. Here's a general (possibly incomplete) list:

--Pilot: a CSI trainee dies
--Who Are You?: Nick, gun in face
--Strip Strangler: Grissom, almost gets head bashed in by perp
--whatever ep where Cath gets whumped over the head by a perp hiding at a scene
--The Finger: Cath gets kidnapped (sorta)
--Stalker: Nick, thrown out of window, and gun in face again
--Play With Fire: Sara and Greg, injured in lab explosion
--If we want to count family members in danger: Lindsey Willows (Lady Heather's Box and Weeping Willows, sorta)
--Snakes: Warrick, gun pointed at (I never thought he was in danger though), and Nick, helping arrest suspect in hostile and probably armed crowd
--Committed: Sara, held at knifepoint by mental patient
--And then we're going to get Nick, again, in Grave Danger.

And out of those, only Griss (1), Sara (1), and Nick (3, if Stalker counts for 2; and then 4 once Grave Danger airs) have actually been in danger of DYING. As far as I can recall, anyway.

Also, in the longer preview I could swear there was flash of Grissom getting shot. Kim and I were already flipping out over the whole Nick-buried-alive thing, and then we saw that.

So do you think Nick'll survive? :-) I keep thinking about last year and George getting fired/rehired.

The two endings that would shock me if they really went there: Nick dies; or Grissom dies/leaves.

At least it's not going to be a summerlong cliffhanger. Just a two-hour ep.

How much am I looking forward to this finale?

Way too freaking much. *squeeees madly*

Oh, and no, I don't think William Petersen is leaving the show. I honestly don't. We'll see if they spring one on me. :-)
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