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The X-Files: I Want to Believe

I shall give my impression/recommendation in short, spoiler-free form first. Then some spoilery stuff under a cut. DON'T GO BACK THERE UNLESS YOU'VE SEEN IT PLEASE.

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, and was surprised by the specific things which either disappointed me or delighted me. It's...let me put it this way:

This film is solid, realistic, and interesting future-fic, grounded nicely in the traditions and central relationship of the show. The biggest kudos I have is for the character work, which isn't jaw-dropping, but feels right to me, both within the film and as a continuation of the Mulder and Scully we all grew to love over the years.

(Location-shooting in the snow made for some functional yet very pretty sequences. Nice work, Chris Carter.)

If you've never watched X-Files, this is a low-key thriller with interesting main characters. The story and arc are possible to follow without the background, and it's probably a better film than several currently in theaters.

If you're a fan, you should go see it. Then come back here and we'll discuss the ending, because I want to know what you guys think the implication was. I know what I think, but it wasn't made crystal clear. Also, this is just a lovely film for nostalgia's sake. It's Mulder and Scully, people! :-)

If you're a writer, especially a script-writer, you should go see this. And then I shall really want to talk with you, because I'm intrigued by some of the choices Frank Spotniz (sp?) and Chris Carter made. All intentional, and they all work as intended, but I might have made some different choices, myself.

I don't know what to think about the way the film handled the reveal of Mulder and Scully's current relationship. It's deliberately vague at first, and just as deliberately developed, and I find myself wondering whether this was done for the non-fen audience, or whether CC is toying with us.

Mind you, it worked. I'm a fan of being thrown into deep water and told to swim and find things out as I go, so all of that worked for me.

Gillian Andersen has aged remarkably well. Her long hair was a great choice--letting us know that she has moved into a new arena, and lending her a sense of personal choice (rather than professional fashion). And you know what? I forgot how Scully can radiate and embody confidence and still second-guess herself all the way down the line. *hearts Scully*

David Duchovney hasn't aged quite as well, imho. The beard was an atrocity; thank you, Scully, for that cute domestic moment of protest against being kissed by the scratchy beard. But even though Mulder looks older, and we sense how out of place he is (instead of newly anchored like Scully), this is still our stubborn hunter of the dark who wants to believe.

So I sort of love that Mulder can talk to Scully about God, there at the end. *thinks about last scene of series finale* And that Scully can still go out on a limb of faith if she thinks it'll help her...partner.

Tell me, you all: what did you think of that last scene between them? Was that a farewell? She didn't cancel the surgery; there were no doubts, clearly. Does that mean it's over between Mulder and Scully?

Or will Scully decide that "don't give up" really does refer to him (them), too?

(Writers, opinion: the dialogue in that last scene was hella confusing, y/n? A lot of their scenes in this I adored, with dodging what they're really feeling and taking stands and having silences together. And then this, which just made me all "buh...?")

I kinda really want to go watch some season 4 now. Or maybe write post-movie fic.

*smooshes Mulder & Scully*
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