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Doctor Who: "The Stolen Earth"



*belated flailing commences*

Mostly I really loved this ep. Yes, I did.

--The growing sense of foreboding that Something Bad is going to happen to Donna. NO, I say. Donna must stay and be the Doctor's companion for a long, long, happy time.
--Daleks again? Although...they're still scary. And when I saw the hand, I somehow knew it was Davros (though I have yet to see any of the Old School Dalek adventures in full), and that was kind of crazily awesome.
--Martha didn't mention her fiance, though she's wearing the ring the whole time. At least Gwen called Rhys, and Luke called Sarah-Jane's other "kids."

Other than that? Love.

--Donna. Is one definition of awesome, yes.
--Grownup, fighting Rose with her Dalek-killing gun is another. :-) (Although I was a bit peeved with her jealousy of Martha, I probably would have reacted no differently in that situation--wanting to help but unable to communicate.)
--Shooting Daleks with paintball guns! :-)
--Companions and former prime minister Harriet Jones working together. Oh yes.
--"EXTERMINATE" will never not be creepy.
--References to the Time War! The Doctor talking about something that happened in it, and that the War is (well, should be) locked in/out of time somehow! The look on his face when he saw Davros (omg, and Donna trying to snap him out of it, "It's all right. We're in the TARDIS. You're safe...." *hugs Donna*).
--Watching Sarah-Jane react to the Daleks, whom she has met before if I am not mistaken.
--Donna trying to remember what Rose said to her in the alt. universe, and then seeing Rose herself and telling the Doctor to ask her. So quiet, but so knowing; so aware of how happy this must make the Doctor. A gift that she's tickled to give (despite the circumstances). Oh, I <3 Donna so very much.
--I may not be in the Rose-is-special camp, but it was delightful to see her grin, to see the Doctor start to run towards her. It took so long I knew something was about to happen....

But I thought Rose was going to die.

DOCTOR? No! You have to be okay....

--Uh...if that's a full regeneration, how the heck did that stay out of the spoilers?
--Rose, for heavens' sake, there had better be some reason you're so freaked out about the Doctor regenerating. Donna doesn't know what's going on, she has some excuse, it's freaky. You've seen this before! It can't possibly just be that he's changing his face. That would be remarkably petty for you, Rose. I shall assume you know something we don't before I judge.
--The Doctor needs to start telling his companions about this whole regeneration thing. Seriously.
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