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Finish-a-thon voting is open!

As of today! I've finished voting (mostly), so here's the link for you all to vote for which story you'd like to see me write! Please note: ONLY PARTICIPANTS may vote in the second poll listed; please make sure you vote only in the first poll if you're just an interested party. *g*

Fandom: The Sentinel (AU)
Description: "Which is Easier?" A police incident two years before robbed Jim of his mobility, and Blair of his life. In the midst of a life as paralyzed as his body, the Sentinel will be given one more chance to find healing. But with Blair not there to offer forgiveness, how can Jim forgive himself? (Inspired by chapter 2 of the Gospel of Mark.)
Type: gen
Rating: PG

Fandom: The Sentinel
Description: "Senseless" (working title)
Case story, set about 3 years post-series. With Blair's Sentinel research carefully and legally buried, he and Jim are free to live normal lives, working as cop and consultant for the Cascade PD. But when a kidnapping case begins to smell of bioterrorism and a bright neurologist seeks out Blair's help, they may have to accept that nothing stays a secret forever. (Same universe as Scents of Celebration and Coming to Terms.)
Currently at 42,000 words; I'll commit to at least another 10,000.
Type: gen
Rating: R (violence, language)

Fandom: Numb3rs
Description: "The Most Important Piece."
A series of text messages, emails, voicemails, and visits between Megan and Larry in the wake of her move to Washington D.C. They've managed to keep their relationship intact without geographic proximity before...but this is more permanent.
Type: het
Rating: PG to PG-13

Fandom: Supernatural
Description: A few days after the events of "Heart," the Winchesters find themselves in Ashland, Ohio, where kids are vanishing into thin air. Dean starts having debilitating headaches; are they connected to the case, or to the Yellow-Eyed Demon, or to something else entirely? (My betas know this as my visions!Dean story.) I'll commit to at least the 10,000 words.
Type: gen
Rating: R (language, violence, disturbing images)

Fandom: Numb3rs/The Sentinel
Description: "A Net Cast Forth"
Set a few weeks after the season 2 Numb3rs finale (AU for current canon), and in my Sentinel futureverse. The murder of a federal agent leads Don's team to a former Army Ranger who tangled with this particular assassin in the past: Captain James Ellison. Sentinel and Guide come to L.A. to help, but even that response may be manipulated. Can the teams trust each other?
Committing to the 10,000 words here, too, because I'm not sure how long it wants to be.
Type: gen with some background het
Rating: R (violence, language)
Tags: crossover, finishathon, link, my fics, numb3rs, supernatural, the sentinel, writing

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