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Miami Vice/Homicide: Life on the Street crossover I will never write

Okay, sharing the weird currents of my fannish brain with you all again.

As most of you know, I've gotten hooked on Miami Vice and Homicide: Life on the Street this summer. The Sleuth Channel reruns about an episode per day of both shows, so I've been watching a LOT.

In an earlier episode of H:LotS, there was a shot of the "current cases" board which made me giggle: one of the red names, an older but still open case, was TUBBS. Which made me think crossover-y thoughts about Rico Tubbs retiring back to the New York area and getting himself murdered in Baltimore's jurisdiction. If Sonny Crockett were still around, I have no doubt he'd come to poke around the investigation and get under Homicide's feet like the pest he can be (and lordy, imagine him in the same room with Pembleton. Or, heh, Munch).

So then last night I watched an MV episode, and one of the guest stars was Melissa Leo, whom I know as Det. Kay Howard from H:LotS. Very young in MV (and with the same long hair in both; to be fair, her almost-strawberry blonde hair is spectacular), but very recognizable.

It brought back the earlier memory of a possible crossover, and added the amusing thought of a scene where Crockett is stopped dead in his tracks by the resemblance, and Kay's slightly revolted reaction. Heh.

I'll never write it--a whole case story with an older Sonny, and a dead Rico, and the entire Homicide gang--but it would be awfully fun to read. And it's a cool idea.
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