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Finish-a-thon votes are in!

And my predicted winner, has, indeed, won. *points to icon* I have until October 24th to either finish or at least write 10,000 more words of:

Fandom: Supernatural
Description: A few days after the events of "Heart," the Winchesters find themselves in Ashland, Ohio, where kids are vanishing into thin air. Dean starts having debilitating headaches; are they connected to the case, or to the Yellow-Eyed Demon, or to something else entirely? (My betas know this as my visions!Dean story.) I'll commit to at least the 10,000 words.
Type: gen
Rating: R (language, violence, disturbing images)

Go here for a sneak peek! :-)

(I'm shocked that my runner-up story was a Larry/Megan het piece...did not think there would be enough Numb3rs fans around to make that the 2nd favorite!)
Tags: fandom, ficathon, finishathon, link, my fics, numb3rs, supernatural, writing

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