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Random fandom linkys

So, this is an effort to boost my own mood by sharing awesome stuff I've found lately. (This usually works based on how much I rec, so bear with me here.)

Ficathon(s), etc:

Go over there and check it out! They may not be accepting prompts anymore, but man, I wish had free time right now. There is never, ever enough fic featuring the female-female friendships on our shows, and this is a great excuse to actually write some.

The Fandom Free-For-All.
This is a multifandom, fanworks, free-for-all! Basically, request any piece of fanwork you would like – fic, art, icons, video – in any fandom. In return, you offer to make something for someone else. There are not that many gen requests up, so if you find something you can make on the list, please add your own requests for the genficcers among us. :-)


kalquessa, this is the Doctor Who vid I was telling you about. Anything the Doctor Can Do...., by jagwriter78. To "Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)." Absolutely hilarious.



Paul Newman and a Ride Home, by musesfool
Five books Dean Winchester has read more than once. This shouldn't quite work...but it does. It really, really, tears-in-my-eyes does. (Spoilers at least through the end of season 2.)

Chained Sonnet Redouble: Devil's Trap, by cadhla
Spoilers for seasons 1 & 2, some very specific. I know, I know, fandom poetry, but this is strikingly done, and in a particularly difficult form.

Doctor Who

one of these mornings, by cesario
"Journey's End" fix-it fic. This should be crack, but it feels just right for the characters. *hugs them* (Spoilers for the end of series 4, natch.)
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