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Looking for canon input for possible Numb3rs fics

Greetings, all my fellow Numb3rs fen! Would you like to exercise your brain skills and canon knowledge for a few minutes? I could use some ficcish thoughts. (No, I'm not actually writing these at the moment, just trying to get enough detail down that they'll leave me alone.)

Basically, I have two fic ideas. They may never get written, but my brain believes in having multiple projects going at once, even if one of them is only the "take ten minutes to think up terrifically angsty scenes" sort of project. I'm having fun plotting these two ideas out, and want to make sure I haven't missed anything obvious.

They're both "5 Times..." fics: a series of stories linked by a particular character and idea.

1) The first is "Five Times David Lost His Partner (and One Time He Didn't)," 5 ficlets going AU from moments in canon where Colby could have been killed or seriously wounded or might have chosen to leave the Bureau. (The "one time he didn't" is a canon-compliant ficlet set after "Trust Metric.") For example: in "One Hour," if David had been a couple seconds later coming into Disney Hall, the bad guy might easily have taken Colby out with one shot to the back of the skull. I have several other ideas (from "Rampage," from "The Mole"), but would love input from you guys.

Do you recall any scenes in which Colby was blatantly, obviously in danger? Pre-"Janus List" only, please. Extra points for scenes where David's presence is what saved his ass, as in "One Hour."

2) The second is "Five Times Colby's Cover Was Blown." Pre-"Trust Metric," 5 times that Colby's triple agent status might have accidentally come to light. I have some ideas here as well (a few of which might overlap with the above fic; for example, I imagine someting might have come out if Colby were killed in action), but am basically looking for episodes where the case involved international players (China?) or where Colby himself is in trouble. ("The Mole" is a really obvious case. "Brutus" might have some potential, too.)

All thoughts welcome.

(Cross-posted to real_numb3rs.)
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