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I need a patriotic icon for days like this

I never quite know what to post on this day.

It's not a day of utter devastation for me--I felt guilty for months over how much the events of seven years ago affected me, given that I had no personal connection to the attacks.

Neither is it a day I can ever forget. I was at university, in Canada, sleeping before my mid-morning class. One of my Canadian friends called me (remember that, whitemartyr?) and tried to explain to my sleepy brain what was going on. I've never been through a day like that before or since.

My prayers go out to everyone for whom this day brings pain.

And I pray even more that eventually this day will be redeemed. Not that we will ever forget what was done, but that there will be a time when 9/11 will be linked with peace, with forgiveness, with reconciliation.

With God all things are possible.
Tags: 9/11, contemplative, godstuff, real life

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