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A couple of questions re: fandom (con organizing, etc)

This has to do with an original story I'm working on. I am not going to specify the details here, as I am leaving this post unlocked--I need as wide a spectrum of experience as I can glean from you, oh friendslist.

1. What kind of staff is a small, single-fandom convention likely to have? Number of people? Percentage of staff who are active fandom members?

2. When major actors are guests at a smaller con, do they often have security of some kind? Or assistants to act as a buffer if necessary? Or would conscientious fannish organizers make sure that the guests are treated well?

3. This is specific to people who live (or have lived) in Midwestern America: how common are bed-and-breakfast style establishments, especially in or near smaller towns? Or large houses/mansions that have been converted into inns (or, effectively, tiny convention centers)?

If you look at these questions and have no answers, but know of websites, people, or communities where I might find people willing to give me good ideas, by all means let me know.

ETA: You guys, this fictional con is really small! Like, smaller than in reality, I assume. Around 30-40 attenders MAX. They'd be SWIMMING in a convention center of any size, and in most hotels, actually!

Thank you!
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