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I've been looking forward to one particular episode of CSI ever since the finale last May.

I've been looking forward to it more than any of my other show premieres (yes, even Supernatural) since I found out it would be the last one to show, waiting until last night.

All week I've heard TV critics saying complimentary things about the episode, as its airing time approached, and about William Petersen's performance. I made sure one of the DVRs in our house was set to tape the episode, and then went off to sarcasticval's to watch SPN in high-def.

Got home, got into comfy clothes, made myself a drink, settled in to watch episode.

Somehow, despite all the settings being correct, said DVR recorded The Office instead. The entry marked CSI contained only the first 5 minutes of Eleventh Hour (because I set to record the ep and 5 minutes after, so as not to miss the promo for the next week).

*is very sad*

Any of you out there tape CSI? Anybody able to send me a DVD or VHS copy within a day or two? (I can't watch online because of having no sound card.)

Also? Spoil me for this ep and you die. *sticks fingers in ears and hums REAL LOUD*

ETA: Yay! Looks like one of my local friends (via Facebook) has it on her TiVo!
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