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Check out this remix ficathon, it's fun and short!


just opened signups for round 5 of their multifandom mini-fic remix challenge. Feel free to drop by and sign up as a Remixee (authorizing others to remix your fic) or a Remixer (remixing a work of another author in ~500 words or less), or both!

Signups are open until Saturday, October 18, and finished fic will be due November 15.

Come by! It'll be fun.

(Seriously, I did this last round, and I got an adorable remix of one of my Firefly fics, and only spent part of an evening writing a remix for someone else.)

Also? There is a dearth of people (both remixer and remixees) who have written in/can write in: CSI, The Sentinel, X-Files, Blake's 7 and several other cool fandoms. So if you're those people, check it out!
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