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CSI fic rec's, post-"Grave Danger"

All right, so clearly I was mistaken in thinking that there wouldn't be fan fiction needing to be written after the CSI finale. I want to share these two fantastic stories with you all--while I keep writing my own. :-)

Spoilers abound, people.

First, my friend Felicia wrote a "Grave Danger" Missing Scene, which is exactly what we should have had at the end of the episode. Grissom needs to be sure that Nick heard him....

And second we have Grave Survivors, a CSI/Buffy crossover by jedibuttercup. I know what you're thinking, but go read it. It's a perfect fit. "Nick Stokes isn't the only one who's ever awakened six feet underground...."

More fic recs as I find them. Till then, enjoy.
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