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Writing goals for November

I am not doing NaNoWriMo this year.

However, I do have some specific writing goals that I hope to meet during the month of November (subject to RL distractions like getting a job, of course).

This week: Keep typing up the last few written scenes of my Supernatural Finishathon fic.

Next week: I'm taking the five weekdays and dedicating them to something very specific: coming up with lots of ideas for possible TV specs.

Thursday--Medium (possibly Numb3rs)
Friday--Burn Notice, Chuck

November 15th: when my remixthedrabble fic is due. That won't take too long; I'm figuring on an evening of work, like last time I did this ficathon.

Last 2 weeks of November: Go through all the notes I was given on my original feature outline. Sort into "workable, good;" "crap;" and "let's consider this" piles.

Begin reworking the plot/setting/characters into a new and more useful form. I'd like to have a new outline done sometime in December, though it's unlikely I'll be able to hand it to my writer's group till late January at the earliest.
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