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TV catch-up (Numb3rs, Supernatural, CSI)

Time to catch up on some of my recent television reactions!

First, rose_in_shadow wondered when I was going to get around to talking about the current season of Numb3rs, so here you go!

The season started out badly, I thought; "High Exposure" was one of the worst episodes I think they've ever done, despite Agent Edgerton making an appearance. It scared me into thinking that maybe the show was on its last legs.

But the next episode was better (even though I thought the sexual violence was--unlike the pilot, "Power," or "In Plain Sight"--gratuitous): I started liking Nikki a little bit, and there was that great scene between her and Don, trading rookie war stories. And Colby and David razzing her and calling her "New Guy" all episode. \o/

From there it's just gone uphill. I am so happy. There has, in particular, been some good Don-Charlie interaction, and a lot of wonderful stuff for Larry and Charlie and Amita to do. (Larry calling Charlie "my little ambulatory reference book" just about made me explode with laughter.)

Don has finally learned something about talking to his girlfriend! Since Megan is gone, I'm open to having Robin/Don as my new OTP, if they can keep this good thing going. *takes up a fandom collection to ensure Michelle Nolden's regular return*

I love how Don's foray into murky ethical boundaries has brought him to a new level: he's come to terms with being his own boundaries, and he's also realized that he's missing more than he knew. It's probably obvious to anyone who knows me, but I am *thrilled* so far with how Don's new interest in spirituality (in the form of his heritage, the Jewish faith) is progressing. The fact that he's taken this step at all is intriguing: Don has often been a loner, bent on solving his (and everyone else's) problems himself, very self-sufficient. I recall a chat between Don and Larry last season about belief in God:

Larry: Pascal's wager: One lives as if God exists. If He does, your gain is infinite; if He doesn't, you've lost nothing.
Don: Think Vegas gives odds on that?
Larry: You don't feel any emptiness in this?
Don: Hence the alcohol.

It makes a lot of sense to me that eventually Don would turn and search for Someone bigger than himself or other fallible humans to fill that void. Perhaps, too, he is still seeking for something on which to base his own boundaries.

Regardless, I am looking forward to seeing where this storyline goes, and what happens when Charlie finds out that big brother is getting religious. *g*

p.s. I miss Megan and want Larry to mention her. :(

"It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester"

Overall, very solid episode, blending a MotW and the mytharc seamlessly. This is not a full review, so just three things:

--Castiel is becoming more fascinating by the minute. Allowing us to see him with another brand of angel, a more hardcore one, is illuminating, and I love that Castiel has doubts and admitted as much to Dean. I also kind of adore that the angels' secret orders were to follow Dean's orders.

--When Uriel calls humans "mud monkeys...plumbing on two legs," and Castiel quietly rebukes him with, "You are close to blasphemy," I was filled with glee. You should know better, Uriel. "God made man in his own image; in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them."

--The whole scene where Sam has to use his demon powers to exorcise SamHain was pretty disturbing. Sam did try to use the knife first, but it's pretty clear that he considers his powers as part of his arsenal; it's going to be very hard for him not to use them again. Even if exorcising a demon this powerful nearly makes him have a stroke! I really hope we see some fall out from this between the brothers sooner rather than later.

"Wishful Thinking"

Clever idea, disturbing and amusing execution.

--Audrey and her teddy bear. Oh my goodness. Hilarious and so wrong.

--I'm finding it very hard to buy that Dean remembers everything from his time in hell, as he tells Sam at the end. Don't get me wrong, Jensen sold the heck out of that scene, but... Okay. I had a discussion with someone about PTSD, and she told me that often the person affected will go a few months kind of disconnected from the event, not really emotionally affected by it; and she pointed out that disrupted sleep patterns (like Dean falling asleep in his clothes all the time the first few eps of the season) can be a sign of PTSD. My problem with this is trying to factor in Dean's renewed love of life in "Monster Movie." I can't fit that with a clear progression of memories and PTSD. WTF, Kripke & Co? YOu could've done better. I expect more from you, especially this season.

Very quick:

Okay, I like Lady Heather as a character, and she and Grissom have always had deeply interesting interaction. I'm also not surprised that he would go to her to help him deal with what appears to be Sara actually breaking up with him.

But I'm very bummed about the Sara/Grissom thing. (I see her point, but honestly, what? He's going to leave the lab *now* of all times? Do you know him at all, Sara?)

And I'm a little annoyed by the last scene. In my head, Gris and Heather didn't sleep together. No matter what they do or don't tell us about it. So there. *is cross with show*
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