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I had some bizarro dreams last night O_o

Seriously. Weird enough to share, and so weird I think I'll put them behind a cut. No gross stuff, just angst and oddities.

I really wish I could recall more details, because it was one of those nights where everything was playing out in what felt like real time, without sudden teleportation or jump cuts in time.

Both sections I do recall involved me being sequestered in a house with several other people on a temporary basis--I think it might have had something to do with freedom fighting or hiding from the government, maybe even apocalyptic type stuff, but whatever it was never really reached the safe house.

First dream, what I recall most was talking with a guy about my age who was disabled and severely deformed. Not handicapped mentally, at all, we had some great discussions and I recall thinking he was a neat and very intelligent person (my favorite kind). At one point he keeled over on the floor and had a seizure, which sort of freaked me out a little, but he came out of it okay.

Second dream--quite possibly a later part of the first one. In a different safe house, with a mother and several younger gals (I kind of thought they were family, but they might have just been classmates/friends, too), and a couple of guys who kept coming and going.

At one point we had to leave in a hurry in the middle of the night: we all left the house and got into a boat and tried to motor away. (The house was apparently in the middle of some serious water--no lights to be seen, and the boat pulled up right to the patio/dock.) This didn't work or became too dangerous for some reason, so we went back to the safe-house and tried to settle in again.

During the settling-in time, I was sitting on a couch IMing with one of younger gals in the house, and suddenly my suspicions were raised. The reason we'd had to come back had something to do with someone having pushed a Big Red Button (tm) and causing a major issue, and I clued into the fact that this gal was hiding something about that. I agonized over how to phrase the question, erasing and rewriting it before I finally asked if she'd pushed it.

She didn't quite confess, but right away the house was overwhelmed with government "police" who questioned the gal and then arrested her big brother Ed. Somehow they'd been monitoring my laptop and just by asking that question I'd given my friends away. I remember screaming, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" to Ed as they were taking him away.

Things got quiet at the safe house after that. I remember curling up in a corner of the living room, by the radiator, away from everyone else, and trying to go to sleep.

Subconscious, I do not understand you sometimes.
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