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First Lines Meme

So, here's that meme where you post the first lines from each month of the past year.

Ugh. I feel crappy today.

Okay, this is just for giggles and because I won't have time to post my list of thoughts about last night's new SPN episode until tonight or tomorrow.

This is locked so my employer won't see it, and I'm putting it behind a cut so I can look at my LJ on my lunch break without showing off the content of this post.

In answer to my icon's question...
...no, not really.

My mom and my sister have birthdays right next to each other. I've started putting birthdays on my calendar this year, so I won't be as apt to forget them.

This not-having-Internet-at-work thing is really limiting my time on LJ.

(this is under moderately tight friendslock. just fyi.)

I am a weakling, good for very little, and God is singularly failing to show Himself strong in my weakness.

Yes. Yes, I wrote Miami Vice fic. It's not even about Crockett.

So. Though I've been looking for work since I was let go in June, I haven't had even one interview so far.

I am not doing NaNoWriMo this year.

As a writer, I'm very interested in how my beliefs affect what I write, as well as my interactions with others.

Huh. Lots of whining, it seems. This has been a rather tough year. :-)
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