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NCIS (question)

Okay. I guess I have to confess that I've crossed some invisible line this year regarding this show. It's never been a favorite (I think partly because Tony DiNozzo is a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen; I like the character, but I always felt sorry for Kate), but I tend to enjoy it when I do watch it, and lately I've been watching some reruns as well as the new episodes.

Which leads me to some musings on the show, which I doubt I shall ever engage with to the extent of my actual fandoms; and to a question re: NCIS fanfiction.

This show reminds me very much of its parent show, JAG. The same mix of fun characters, mystery, personal life, and action. As I said above, I think my biggest reason for not watching was always Tony; I hate working in an environment that is less than professional, and Kate may have liked Tony but she didn't like his sense of humor. That's less of an issue for me with Ziva on the team, since she could break Tony with her little finger and he knows it. *g*

Gibbs is always fun to watch, especially when he's doing his version of "comforting" a team member. (Gibbs raps out an assignment for Kate, one for McGee, and then takes McGee's food away from him and hands it to the still-recovering Tony. "Tony, eat something." LOL.)

And Abby? One of the most entertaining and awesome female characters currently out there. (Ducky is great too; David McCallum, ladies and gentlemen.)

My attitude has softened to this show partly because of Bones, I think. I regarded both as sub-standard CSI clones until I started watching more closely, and realized that both can do really good plots but their strength lies in watching the characters react to said plots.

I don't know whether I have any NCIS fans on my flist, but here's a question I won't necessarily find an easy answer to: where can I find h/c with Gibbs as the one hurt? Preferably gen, with someone other than Ducky giving comfort.

Also, are there any episodes where Gibbs is the one who gets hurt? Seems like Tony is the show's whipping boy, in general; and what I've seen of fanfiction bears this out, with occasional detours into making Kate or Ziva (or Abby) into damsels in distress.
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