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2008 Fic Year in Review

A little late, my year of fic review!

the fic year in review

stories i wrote this year:

In chronological order (completed, or standalone series fragments):

1. Out In the Cold (Numb3rs)
And now he had lost track of Megan, in this house of carven wood and wine-dark wallpaper. Megan/Larry, spoilers for “Tabu.” Written for numb3rswriteoff’s canon-het challenge, prompt: bitter.

2. Breathe For Me (Numb3rs)
Megan and Colby in the aftermath of “Trust Metric.” Still breathing.

3. Remembrance Of (The Son’s Remix) (Numb3rs)
Sometimes the most important story isn’t the one we think to tell. Spoilers for “Trust Metric.”
Written for remixthedrabble; a 100-word remix of emmademarais’s fic Remembrance of Friends Passed.

4. In Fire, Some Say In Ice (multiple fandoms)
”Some say the world will end in fire/ Some say in ice. . . .” What “the end of the world” might look like from the viewpoints of Dean Winchester, Blair Sandburg, Sam Carter, Bobby Hobbes, and Charlie Eppes. 5 thematically linked stand-alone fics. Warnings for angst and character death; specific spoilers for Supernatural season 3.

5. Excavation (Numb3rs)
How tight can you hold on before things slip away altogether? David’s not sure anymore. Post-“When Worlds Collide.” Written for the numb3rswriteoff gen challenge, Team Angst, prompt: mudslide.

6. G is for Gratitude (Stargate SG-1)
Written as part of Hammond Alphabet Soup, a tribute to Don S. Davis. “A thankful heart has a continual feast.” Minor spoilers up through season 8, especially for “Fire and Water,” “Meridian,” and “Lost City.”

7. The Smart Thing (Miami Vice)
”Hell, we’re your partners.” Switek has some decisions to make after the events of “Hard Knocks.”

8. The Wavelength of Ruby (Numb3rs)
He closes his eyes, takes a deep breath. He has work to do, a goal to accomplish, he can’t let this get to him. Can’t let her get to him. Warning for implied character death. Written for the numb3rswriteoff Don challenge, Team Angst, prompt: ruby.

9. Black and Blue (The Sentinel/Sandman)
He’s vividly aware of everything around him, the whip of vines and branches against his bare arms, the sudden, tiny dips and crests of the earth under his feet, the myriad scents that sketch out a picture of the world beyond its infinite shades of blue. Birthday present for kerravonsen! :-)

10. Haunted (The Irreplaceable Remix) (Stargate SG-1)
Written for remixthedrabble; a 100-word remix of doctorv’s fic Pretending (warning, original fic is PG-rated Jack/Daniel). Vague spoilers for season 6, “Foothold,” “Meridian,” and “Smoke and Mirrors.”

my new WIP's were:

Each Should Carry (Supernatural) The story my betas persist in referring to as visions!Dean. What is posted is not complete, it isn’t even corrected; I won’t be posting it as an actual WIP, but as a finished story, once that happens. I’m about 2/5 of the way into it, I think, counting the completed portion that remains unposted.

my favorite story of the year. not the most popular, but the one that makes me happiest:

Out In the Cold (Numb3rs)
Because I got to write Larry/Megan, slotted neatly into canon. And because I managed to cram pretty much all the meanings of my prompt word (“bitter”) into this short fic. I win! *g*

From my past year of writing, what was...

my best story:

Breathe For Me (Numb3rs)

story most under-appreciated by the universe:

The Smart Thing (because it’s Miami Vice; I’m astonished I was even able to find a beta!)

most fun:

Black and Blue (The Sentinel/Sandman)

Because I’d never thought to cross The Sentinel with Sandman, and the initial image (Death petting Jim’s black spirit jaguar) filled me with glee. :)

most disappointing:

Excavation (Numb3rs)
Not because it was bad, but because I think it could have been so much better. *sigh*

story with single sweetest moment:

Remembrance Of (The Son’s Remix) (Numb3rs)
Colby telling Dwayne’s young son, “The bad guys caught me, but your dad saved me. He was really brave.”

story with most interesting idea:

Black and Blue (The Sentinel/Sandman)
As I said, Death petting Jim's spirit jaguar. What is not awesome about that? *g*

hardest story to write:

In Fire, Some Say In Ice

Specifically, #1, the Dean story. I’ve never understood why a writer would despair over a story, but this one nearly drove me over the edge. Struggling with it, during a horrible month in RL, was one of the most unpleasant experiences of this past year. God bless my beta feliciakw, who helped me come through intact.

easiest story to write:

In Fire, Some Say In Ice

Specifically, #3, the Stargate story. :) Oh my gosh, I had so much fun taking the classic team to the end of their world–their voices just flowed, I made very few changes from the first draft to the last, and as a bonus, out of all 5 ficlets in this project, this one got the best response.

most unintentionally telling story:

I always find myself wanting to say “no comment” to this question. Um. This year I think that would be G is for Gratitude (Stargate SG-1). Written during an incredibly stressful month, it reminded me of some things I needed to consider.

most "OHMIGOD HEY *I* WROTE THAT" fanon-turned-canon moment:

Supernatural did one of my spec ideas, including specifically a scene where Dean hallucinates that Sam is possessed by the Yellow-Eyed Demon. *facepalm* That’s the second time this show has trumped my spec ideas!

looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would did this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?

I wrote more than I originally planned to, in terms of fanfiction. In my defense, I also made considerable progress on original projects, and there were extenuating circumstances in the form of being laid off from work.

what pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in january 2008?

Miami freakin’ Vice, thank you very much. *laughs*

what's your favorite story of the year?

I can never pick just one for this question:

Walked Right Out of the Machinery (Stargate Sg-1, AU), by rydra_wong
What might have happened if Ba’al’s Jaffa had gotten to the blended Jack 30 seconds earlier (in “Abyss”). A richly-imagined AU, with a wonderfully subtle and accurate character voice.

weathercock snowfall (starlight cockcrow) (Supernatural), by kroki_refur
An end of season 3 AU that blends a pre-series story with a stomach-clenching present-day predicament, story and ending and brother interaction perfectly executed.

Basium Angeli (Supernatural), by feliciakw
A sweet missing scene for "Jus in Bello." Dean/Nancy.

More Things in Heaven and Earth (Numb3rs/Doctor Who), by astrogirl2
Larry saw something amazing when he was in space, and he's trying to process it. One of the best Larry-voices I've ever heard, and in my opinion this slots neatly into Numb3rs canon.

did you take any writing risks this year?

I submitted my CSI spec script “Bluebeard” to the ABC/Disney Writing Fellowship, does that count?

I used a kind of experimental structure in The Wavelength of Ruby (Numb3rs), which worked for some readers and confused others greatly. (The clue to how I arranged the structure is in the title: the idea of Don as a laser, where light is focused and mirrored back and forth, down into one hyper-intense beam.)

what fanfic or profic goals did you make last year, and how did you do in meeting them?

These are my goals from last year:
Profic: finish CSI spec rewrite according to notes from my writer’s group, and polish it to the point where I can submit it for the Disney Fellowship this coming July.
Done! *glee*

Write complete first draft of my movie, dammit! Fix the plot of my Supernatural spec; finish writing it. Find plots for a couple of other TV specs (Numb3rs, Bones, House).

Didn’t get the movie draft done, although I did rework the plot and am still planning to write it, soon. Supernatural spec was killed by the show, AGAIN, but I do have about 2 ideas each for specs for Bones, House, Supernatural, and Numb3rs.

Set aside at least two evenings per week to work on profic, or if I’m stuck on those projects, on fanfic. The point being to make time for the craft instead of just using the cracks around my work and social life and TV watching.

Did this to a degree, but because of the change in schedule, it didn’t turn out to be all that useful.

Fanfic: write less of it, putting more energy into specs/profic. Finish at least one of my longer projects. Finish that darn TS AU short fic (you know the one, feliciakw). *sigh*

I did write less fan fiction, as you can see if you compare this entry with previous years. Did not finish any of my longer projects (wah!). Did not finish that TS AU short fic, which has been in my brain for going on 7 years now.

Am still in fandom. :-)

do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the new year?

Profic: Write a full draft (at least) of my murder mystery feature. Write either another TV spec or an original TV pilot.

Fanfic: write less of it, putting more energy into specs/profic. Finish at least one of my longer projects (hopefully "Each Should Carry"). Finish that darn TS AU short fic.
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