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Justice for All...

We had a guest speaker at my church last night. Gary Haugen is a lawyer who worked for a while as a trial attorney with the Police Misconduct Task Force of the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. In 1994, Mr. Haugen was seconded to the United Nations to serve as the Officer In Charge of the UN’s genocide investigation in Rwanda.

Now, he has helped to establish an organization of Christian lawyers, cops, and social workers called International Justice Mission. They investigate cases of forced prostitution, bonded slavery, and illegal detention/torture around the world.

Some of the stories he told were really fascinating. I found myself briefly wishing I could do the work he does. Then my right-thinking, creative brain reasserted itself, and I found myself thinking, "People love to watch TV about cops and lawyers, about the triumph of justice. This would make a killer TV movie."
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