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This is all your fault, astrogirl2

So I just watched the first episode of The Pretender. I really, really don't need another fandom right now, but I'm rather afraid I've found one. And the fact that I'm saying this after a single episode is a little scary.

Brief disclaimer: I'd seen a few episodes back when this was airing, and somehow (despite liking Jarod and seeing an ep that made me remember Angelo forever) came away thinking of it as a rather dull version of Quantum Leap. So I really do blame astrogirl2 for getting me to even consider trying this show again.

Initial thoughts:

--Huh. Never thought Michael T. Weiss was all that cute in pictures, but lordy, he's really rather a looker, isn't he?

--And a really stunning actor. (When the Greek woman tells him he has "so much sadness...and so much joy," we've already seen that mix at play all episode, and she's only giving us words for what's already there.)

--How can a show dealing with themes that are so potentially dark (guilt, exploitation of children, death, deprivation) be so life-affirming? There were moments even in this pilot ep which made me nervous about how far Jarod might or might not go in punishing evil, and some moments of excruciating pain (when he passionately lists to Sydney all the simulations that killed people). And yet the overall feeling was of how much wonder the world holds, how awesome and interesting people are, that regardless of the dark, the light is always there, always underlying everything, and damn if that isn't a terribly rare thing in modern fiction.

--The moments when Jarod is looking at the world or enjoying his surroundings, and the music totally swells...that should be so cheesy I cringe. Instead it kept bringing tears to my eyes. I could be hormonal, but...it works. Somehow.

--So I think I'm probably hooked. At the least, I want to see more.
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