izhilzha (izhilzha) wrote,

More Pretender

All right, a couple more episodes under my belt, now.

I think I may have seen this one back when:

"Every Picture Tells A Story"

--I remember Jarod painting that picture of Miss Parker.

--Speaking of whom, I don't always enjoy watching hard-core female characters, but assuming we get more peeks beneath her icy exterior, I may end up being quite intrigued by her. It is deeply interesting to me that she was at the Centre but seems to have gone the opposite route from Jarod, despite things like the unexplained shooting of her mother. O_o

--Hey, a computer nerd! I like Broots already. I also get a kick out of Jarod's Very Complex Workarounds.

--Of course Jarod would equate the rites of the church (especially confession) with seeking release from guilt, and of course he would see that as useless/irresponsible compared to his own way of dealing with similar things.

--Wow, Jarod, you're awfully fit to be swimming that far. Not that I mind seeing you wet and sans shirt. *g*

--I liked the plot okay in this one, but I do have to say that eventually the A-plots may start to get old. Jarod himself is the most interesting thing about this show, followed closely by the cat-and-mouse of the Centre's chase after him.


--Aw, Jarod loves flying! Of course he would.

--Sydney, you total softie. Not letting on to Miss Parker that you're talking to Jarod? Wow, you care way more for Jarod than for the Centre's interests, don't you?

--Favorite guest character so far: the old conspiracy buff, carrying his own weight of guilt, and someone Jarod can actually warn about the Centre (and be believed). I wonder if that comes into play at any point? No, don't tell me, if it does I shall be pleasantly surprised.

--I love that Jarod left paper airplanes for the son of the dead man.

--I'm scared, though, by Jarod's casual radio-announcer game, played in the air with the murderer...and once that's over with, he just goes on enjoying flying, as if he's done nothing that will stick to him at all. Eeeeep.

--Raines is faintly creepy on his own, but I was taken aback by Miss Parker's reaction to him: we've seen her show anger, pain, frustration, but not fear. Not till now. She's terrified of this guy. Which terrifies me, frankly.
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