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More Pretender (end of disc one)

Sorry, I will be going rather slowly with this show. But I'm still in it, so. :-)

"Curious Jarod"

What was that I said about not liking the A-plots? I take it back. This one was great. Could be because I rather like the whole Vegas thing, or because I really, really like Jarod being monumentally clever, but I loved this.

--The sadness of Jarod being there for the beaten showgirl; there to talk to her, there when she died, there to avenge her.... wow, show.

--Curious George! And the barrel full of monkeys! Watching Jarod is seriously like reliving my childhood. Way too much fun. How he asked everyone who the man in the yellow hat was? Precious. *g* (Also, have I mentioned yet how completely hot it is when Jarod randomly drops into another language? Because it is. *fans self*)

--Question: this is the second sim we've seen in flashbacks that seems to relate to something famous, isn't it? Norma Jean/Marilyn Monroe, here; previously, what sounded to me like a sim based on the Apollo 13 mission? Huh.

--I admit to being really kind of disturbed at this particular punishment: Jarod bringing the cops down the bad guy is what I was expecting, so the fact that he set him up for an unrelated beating made me cringe. I understand the logic, I think, but still....

--"You should probably strip-search this one, she may have been palming chips." "Oh, you bastard!" Okay, that little exchange has pretty much single-handedly sold me on Miss Parker, and the weird relationship she and Jarod seem to have. LOL. (Also lol to the fact that it seemed to amuse Sydney a bit.)

--"To the man in the yellow hat, from the monkey who got away." Okay, show, you've got me. Next! *g*

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