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Oh, for heaven's sake *facepalm*

Actually, I should probably be using one of my Numb3rs icons for this post, given part of the dream I had last night.

I wish I could remember everything I dreamed about, but the basic idea is still kind of amusing.

I recall that I was still hoping to get the interview (for that audio description job) that I am actually hoping for in real life--a job I really want.

But I was also feeling as if the only responsible thing to do was continue looking for more work, in other fields. A lot of the setting was visiting either my family, or camping out with them in a hotel with not enough beds; I was sleeping on the couch, with too-small blankets, not comfortable.

My dad helped me come up with another place to apply, thought I don't remember what sort of job it was for.

The thing that really sticks is that I somehow discovered that the local FBI office was looking for recruits. Even in my dream I kept telling myself, "No, this is honestly not a career path you're looking for and you probably wouldn't be great at it, what are you thinking?" (In fact, I remember telling myself that I had been watching too much Numb3rs; or that I was comparing myself too favorably to the real FBI Special Agent I know--who, btw, is cut from the same Cloth of Awesome as Megan Reeves.)

But I totally went down to the FBI offices and started exploring what I would need to do. In an annoying but VERY realistic part, I had to wait in a room with a bunch of people who were all interested in the same job, and it was crowded and noisy and the assistant or agent who was keeping track of who got to go into the preliminary interview first was not best pleased with us. Very strict about where we could go, and made everyone sit down (on the floor where there were not enough chairs) and stay put. Like a grumpy babysitter.

Weird dreams. I hope I got rid of some anxiety with them and will have a good day today. *g*
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