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Psych! (aka Happiness Meme, day 2)

Okay, for those of you who 'ship anyone on this show, my icon is being used because it's my only Psych icon. Nothing else is implied. (Actually, during this epn I kept thinking of people I know who 'ship Juliet/Lassiter--yes, piecesofalice, I am looking at you.)


Ahem. Seriously, though, after years of watching shows where people are at least occasionally put through the physical or emotional wringer, I sometimes find Psych annoyingly and persistently light-hearted. Threats by the bucketful, but it's extremely rare that anyone gets hurt.

So Shawn getting clobbered by the bad guy was great. Punched hard enough to knock him out, whacked on the back of the head with a pistol butt! And when he almost fell over at the end of that scene, and his dad had to grab him, I squeed and told him (aloud), "Aw, Shawn, you are *so* concussed right now."

Not to mention the loads of Lassiter angst, which...I tend to forget how attractive Tim Omundson is. (Do not laugh, he totally is.) And because he and Juliet got split up, we got some great OMG MY PARTER moments, which turn me into mush anyways.

This episode made me very happy! (And I might have to write fic.)
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