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Bored at work, so...life update

Okay. For those who read this journal...the apartment my roommate and I were looking at didn't pan out. *grumbles* Oh well. Maybe the next time we find something cool, we'll get it. So, on the upside, no moving this week.

Jury duty: I am on call all this week, but so far, have not had to report. Yay. This is good for my paycheck, as work pays me to be here, and one is not paid to report for duty.

On the writing front, I've probably written more in the past 10 days than in the 3 months previous. I'm trying desperately to finish an episode of the Invisible Man Virtual Season, on which I am a writer. It's been in progress since January, but only now have I been able to buckle down and churn it out. I hope it turns out well. It's a fun idea. :-)

Tonight, I shall write. Till then, I shall file papers in a mindless manner (perhaps pondering SG-1 xovers I can write when this ep is done) until I keel over from the boredom, or the workday ends.

Ah, life.
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